Sponsored Research & Programs at the School of Medicine

The UC Riverside School of Medicine’s (SOM) Sponsored Research & Programs (SRP) unit provides highly specialized centralized administrative and technical support to SOM and affiliated research investigators and program directors, in the areas of:

  • Research development
  • Grant writing and copy-editing services
  • Proposal coordination and preparation services
  • Progress and close-out reporting services
  • Consultation on regulatory requirements, generally accepted accounting principles,  agency terms and conditions and university policies relevant to extramurally funded awards
  • General award administration over extramurally funded agreements

SRP provides principal investigators and directors with the expertise and resources necessary to streamline the proposal preparation and submission process, as well as simplify contract and grant administration for executed agreements.

SRP Contact Information

SRP Staff
UC Intellicenter
14350 Meridian Parkway
Riverside, CA

David Lo, Ph.D.
Senior Associate Dean, Research
SOM Education Building

SRP Staff