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Sponsored Research & Programs at the School of Medicine


The UC Riverside School of Medicine’s (SOM) Sponsored Research & Programs (SRP) unit provides highly specialized centralized administrative and technical support to SOM and affiliated research investigators and program directors, in the areas of:

  • Research development
  • Proposal coordination, preparation and submission services
  • Progress and close-out reporting services
  • Consultation on regulatory requirements, generally accepted accounting principles,  agency terms and conditions and university policies relevant to extramurally funded awards
  • General award administration for extramural funds and other restricted and unrestricted fund sources

SRP provides principal investigators and researchers with the required expertise throughout a grant’s full life cycle: from streamlining the proposal preparation and submission process, to the administration of executed contract and grant agreements, to eventual grant close-out. In addition, SRP manages internal SOM financial allocations and commitments.

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SRP Contact Information

SRP Staff
School of Medicine Education Building I
900 University Ave.
Riverside, CA, 92521

Jessica Portillo
Director, Sponsored Research & Programs
School of Medicine Finance & Administration

SRP Staff