Impact 23 Grant Deadlines

The most significant grant-related deadlines below, and please reach out to your SRP analyst/ServiceLink to begin these steps now. The areas listed below feature deadlines of most concerns to PIs.

Please ensure you review your April and May PI reports carefully in preparation for close and conversion. At the latest, after you receive your May report, please notify your analyst ASAP if corrections are required. After conversion, cost transfers to current FAUs will not be permitted in the system.

Transaction Type Due Date
Submit contract invoices 5/1/2023
Last day for PIs to provide completed subaward requests to RED 5/29/2023
Clear expired C7G defecits 5/31/2023
Last day to request pre-awards and NCEs 6/12/2023
(PIs with grants ending 5/31 through 6/30 are strongly encouraged to submit a pre-award request to ensure available funding come 7/1. SRP analysts will start reaching out to affected PIs to initiate the pre-award process)
Last day to finalize grant application budget to ensure eCAF submission and routing 6/13/2023
Last day for eCAF submission (eCAF must be fully routed and have arrived at RED) 6/16/2023
First day for eCAF submission through Kuali 7/5/2023
Last day for proposal submission through Cayuse 7/9/2023
First day for proposal submission through Kuali 7/10/2023
Payroll certifications will be as of 6/30 ledgers for July & August 7/1/2023-8/31/2023